Cat Ladies’ Corner

If you were looking for content related to cats, you have come to the right place!

A portrait of Thomas Jefferson, reimagined as a founding father, painted by my youngest brother, 2016.

Miss Persephone adore's her feline companion, Thomas Jefferson.  He is delightfully chubby with teeny tiny paws and a mild case of separation anxiety.   While Thomas Jefferson is the bee's knees, there are so many other great cats out there to admire, so why limit this page to just one (albeit great) cat?  There are also a lot of cat products that you might not even be aware of that will blow your mind.  All great things related to cats will be carefully curated and presented here for your entertainment.


Question: What can I expect from this page?

Answer: Pretty much anything that I find while on a leisurely promenade* through the vast world of the internet.

Question: You say this corner is for ladies, but I am a man...can I still consume its content?

Answer: What do you think this is dear reader? North Carolina?  Of course you can enjoy this page.  We here at Miss Persephone's Miscellany do not discriminate.  All are welcome!

*As a sophisticated lady, Miss Persephone does not simply surf the web, but takes a leisurely promenade through some of its most beloved communities.