In My Humble Opinion…

If you were looking for a repository of somewhat controversial musings, look no further!!!

o·pin·ion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Do you ever have some strongly held opinions but no place to express them?  Do you express your opinions, but are often dismissed?  Do you ever sometimes express loosely held opinions just to poke the metaphorical bear?

If you have answered “Yes!” to any of the above questions…You are not alone!  And I recommend that you follow my example create your own web page!  Because this page is all about ME and MY Humble Opinions.

But enough about me…

Since we are all adults here, I encourage you to engage in this forum, if you feel so inclined.

Civil discourse is a healthy part of a functioning democracy and since we are living in an increasingly more autocratic theocracy, I figure it could be good practice for when things go back to normal.

All I ask of you, dear reader, is that you keep it civil.  If you have a dissenting opinion, please don’t just state it.  Unpack  it.  Explain why you are feeling the way you feel.  And whenever possible, back up your case with some cold hard facts.  I know that things can get confusing, when you have talking heads clambering on about “alternative facts” and the like, so just to clear things up for you, I have provided the definition below:

fact: a thing that is indisputably the case.

You may be asking yourself, “Why do I need to present cold hard facts and explain why I am feeling the way I am feeling?  Miss Persephone can say whatever she wants and not have to back it up on unpack it! This all seems a bit hypocritical!

Well, dear reader, as I stated before, these are my humble opinions!